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Nights at Parlour

So this is our FCK You to the Mickey D's, and other corporate chains. We know they are franchised, but they have massive buying power and they are using the inflation to gouge the American citizen! Well we are here to say if we can do quality food at these prices, then they are out to just screw us over. Small businesses do not have the buying power to drive product prices down to the bare minimum, They do! Yet, they think you wont mind! So lets show them, we can do this! 

We do great food during the day, we are kicking off a our smash burger and hand crafted drinks! Best part is, bringing pre-inflation prices back! Smash burgers starting at $5, crafted cocktails starting at $7! We are known for our smash burgers on our menus during the day. Some of our offerings will be our house smash burger single for $5 dollars (not a gimmick, This is smacked with flavor), our truffle wagyu smash burger with roasted tomato, shredded lettuce, house pickles and sesame bun. Chicken smash burger, our baconator smash burger, loaded tots and a lot more.


The adult beverage side, Kool-aid cocktail - grape schrubb, simple syrup, vanilla  vodka, dehydrated grape sugar rim

Pineapple Express - caramelized Orange, bitters, lemonjuice  lemongrass,

green tea syrup, sweet chili pineapple schrubb ,Whiskey



PArlour Burgers and bottles a social sitting room (36 x 36 in).jpg

hot karl


the big mick


the $5 sexy single

Pop ups

We have local celebrated chefs come in and do pop ups. Chef Hemant with his original concept, Toddy Shop. Friday's starting at 6pm Hemant kicks off his legendary Fried Chicken Fridays starting at 6pm. Chef loves creating special items each week and takes inidian food to new heights! Chef Kinshore has won award after award for his fried chicken. Try it before its gone. 





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