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About  Parlour

Chef Picked


Our Coffee has been chef selected  Guatemalan/Brazil blend nutty, sweet fruit, chocolate, brown sugar, medium body, with a crisp bright acidity. 

The roasting process is just as tedious. The beans are digitally measured while roasting to ensure not to over roast and keep a bit of moister in the bean. 

We will package the beans for personal sales and for commercial use

Food, Family and Friends.
The Parlour is built on relationships. From its partners to its staff and guests. With every place that we have opened over the years. Our guests have became family and friends! we do our best to make everyone feel like a guest in grandmas house, but without all the structure of being good! 

We took some time to see what items on chef's regular menus stood out and could hold up tp travel and some convenient changes to how they were plated. 

Chef is still going local and it shows from the  soda to breads. Hand making items is a must. This is a must, both for the guest on a short break and the guest that wants to sit and dine.

Pastries made daily, crepe station just pouring through batter making our specialty crepes. Breakfast tacos, burgers, Seasonal items that will keep you guessing and coming back.

The mix of great food, coffee and adult beverages will make for some great memories in our sitting room!

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